Caron Yarn Spring Mystery Stitch Along: Clue 2 and 3

OMG! It’s already Week 3 and I haven’t even started Week 2, yet. The pressure is killing me! NOT!

When I started this Stitch Along in the back of my mind I was thinking: Donna, you’re crazy. You know how you are, you’ll never get past Week 1 because … stuff… will get in the way. And sure enough, I finished Week 1 and then along came a couple of decorating classes, and a few work days, and laundry and housework and grocery shopping, and then the calendar clicked over to April and the Tax Man started calling my name.

And then suddenly it was April 10th and BAM! The clue for Week 3 has been up for 2 days! And I haven’t even started Week 2 yet!

Does it bother me that I even saw this coming and didn’t plan ahead? Nope. Such is my life, and probably your life, too. Crafting is supposed to be fun. If it isn’t, then “ya ain’t holdin’ yur mouth right!”

Week 2 Clue Video and Pattern

The Week 2 Clue involved a Popcorn stitch and if I remember correctly it’s not that difficult. We need to make 20 of these squares. You can download the Week 2 pattern here, and here’s the video tutorial:

Week 3 Clue Video and Pattern

According to Mikey from The Crochet Crowd, Week 3 is the most difficult square, with a full pop-up flower in the center. The video says we need to make 20 but a commentor on FB said it’s actually 21 that we need. You can download the Week 3 pattern here, and here’s the video tutorial:

There’s a Giveaway at the End!

Just in case a beautiful Spring blanket isn’t enough incentive to follow through and complete this Stitch Along… Surprise! There’s a giveaway at the end!

At the end of the Stitch Along, if you email a picture of your completed blanket to Mikey you’ll be entered to win a fully loaded Crochet Crowd Tote. These things look sweet! Here’s the page with all the Spring Stitch Along details. You’ll find the contest info at the bottom.

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